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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
Was he dead? I thought it was more like "we don't know how to fix him" and he was in a coma.
I dunno, it'd be pretty odd for a Transformer to come back from the dead, especially in a comic.

I definitely think it'll be fun for kids, since it really plays up the whole "scramble" element that the old combiners never really made good on. Even though you could combine the G1 toys with whoever, the show and other marketing always pushed the idea of them as teams. Having a bunch of extra limbs this time around will probably help push that mix-and-match play pattern, especially since they toy packaging doesn't seem to be pushing which teams are "supposed" to go together (like Clay says, the "Superion" on the first-wave package has a Stunticon in it because he's in that wave).
That's what I'd really be hoping for, TBH. I'm sure as kids we all mucked around with combining Blades, Vortex, Motormaster, Skydive and Lightspeed even if we knew they weren't proper. While I personally enjoy the design diversity of, say, Rail Racer or how handy it is to get combiners so cheaply as boxed sets I'm a collector with the means to buy them in that fashion. Kids will still get told that they pick one off the peg in the shop we're in now or they get nothing and I think the brand needs to reconnect with those kids rather than making things wilfully difficult for them.

Given today's tech meaning combiner limb members don't need to be a brick with alt mode parts hanging off on hinges there's a lot of scope for 'sneaking' the gimmick on all sorts of toys without compromising either figure. Not go Mugenbine crazy but certainly worth a look for toys of the right size class.

Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
I like Alpha Bravo, but definitely want a Slingshot one way or another...
His head's orange! He's an idiot in War Dawn!

Exactly. Have a whole bloody fleet of them -- it's the only way combiners would work as a more realistic concept, because component members would be killed left, right and centre.
Bang on. A weird random memory from childhood was being incredibly bothered about Megatron popping Brawl's head like an egg in the comic was that it took Bruticus out of the mix totally. Though Megatron popping Brawl's head like an egg was pretty disturbing in its' own right.

Combining is a concept I'm not actually fond of in the fiction - the various personalities of quintets of capable Transformers always seem to make some massive retard who's a complete liability. Conversely on toys it's an incredibly fun concept, especially now the tech's caught up.
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