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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
I dunno, it'd be pretty odd for a Transformer to come back from the dead, especially in a comic.
I know, it's practically unheard of!

Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Given today's tech meaning combiner limb members don't need to be a brick with alt mode parts hanging off on hinges there's a lot of scope for 'sneaking' the gimmick on all sorts of toys without compromising either figure. Not go Mugenbine crazy but certainly worth a look for toys of the right size class.
Honestly I don't know how many kids will even get a chance to put one of these combiners together, let alone try to assemble a "proper" team. Four Deluxes and a Voyager is a lot of cash compared to the old combiners, when the limbs were pocket-money impulse-buy fodder. I wonder if four Scouts and a Deluxe (like the Energon guys) might have been a better choice marketing-wise. I wouldn't be surprised to see a box set or two pop up around Christmas time, though, aside from the Devastator we already know about.

I hope that their willingness to toss in random guys will extend to some of the later combiner teams, though. Some Technobots, Seacons and Terrorcons would be nice, even if the line doesn't last long enough to release the entire teams.
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