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The cost for kids isn't great, no - but a system with as many combining figures as possible could make it work better in the current wave system. It wasn't *that* hard to collect, say, Defensor when he shipped for two or three years.

However, here the plan will surely be to have, say, Air Raid only on the shelves for a couple of months before a new wave overtakes him, so it'd be nice if there was, say, a Dogfight or Tread Bolt retool/recolour to help kids finish their Autobot jet combiner even if they don't get the G1 five. Which might be more in-line with a kid's spending for the year.

And a steady bleed of mould reuse would obviously work for the fanboys too. Seeing as we have a team of planes and a team of cars there's plenty of scope for much mould reuse.

Fiction-wise they really need to drop the merged mind thing. Why not just have the team leader controlling this new, powerful body? That's why they're team leaders, right? Why put the Decepticons' greatest field strategistic as the torso of a big moron? Why does the Autobots' second medical officer have to double-time as some guy's arm? Easier to acheive surely from an in-universe tech point of view and it'd make the combined robots a lot more formidable. It'd also mean you could combine whoever with whoever.
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