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I hope that their willingness to toss in random guys will extend to some of the later combiner teams, though. Some Technobots, Seacons and Terrorcons would be nice, even if the line doesn't last long enough to release the entire teams.
I hope the line's popular enough to warrant some of the later guys too. Marketing seems a bit muted though and the focus isn't on this line like perhaps it could (should?) be, with a new cartoon for an unrelated part of the franchise to push this year and AoE hanging around.

The RRP is probably going to be the killer though. I can't see casual consumers paying the 16 the deluxe limbs go for over a chump change Legends/ Cyberverse figure that costs 6. Or the simple one-step changers that are around 10 and seem to be what is creeping into shelf space previously occupied by the deluxe class in a lot of retailers.

I'm finding with each successive increase in price in what was Hasbro's key size class, they're offering less and less value for money against a Voyager class toy that's only 6 more.

I think - at least over here - the CW toys are going to live and die on fanboy trade (and most of that will likely be lost to overseas websites which offer better value through exchange rates etc) and that seems a massive waste. IMO, I'd like to see Hasbro reining in their offering a bit. The new RID cartoon's supporting toyline seems to be following the AoE pattern of spewing out upteen versions of the same character in various size classes / complexity - the CW toys seem to be bang on in offering good, well engineered posable toys that are quick to transform, of a good quality and well, fun! (I have my three quarters complete assembled Superion - with Drag Strip - eagerly awaiting Skydive ) I can't see younger fingers struggling with these in the same way they might have done with ROTF Leader Prime.
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