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Despite all the inflation projections and what-not, I think the average person/family has WAAAY more disposable income than in the 80s. The point about kids not wanting (or having) just toys really emphasizes that. Granted, we have WAAAY more things to dispose income on (personal electronics just weren't a thing), but thinking back to my childhood, the rich (spoiled) kids had the equivalent of what is fairly commonplace these days.

That said, I do agree that having a figure available in 1-1.5 waves makes it almost certain that only we man-child collectors will have all the ones we want. Lil' Timmy is going to get what is on the shelf around Easter and his birthday, and his parents probably won't be driving him to Walmart once a week to check if the new wave is in so he can spend his allowance.

And yes, it would have been awesome if we could have had inter-generational combining. Without duct tape, that is.
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