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I has now read it! I really like having an old school style Summer special. I've no idea how well it'd work as a motion comic though, I'd have thought the clear cut lines of someone like Guido would work better for that sort of thing.

But as I can't be arsed with motion comics and like Livio I thought the art was mostly very nice.

Plot wise, the character stuff was very, very good and unlike the (otherwise enjoyable) Wheeljack issue of RID I think he got the Starscream/Windblade dynamic bang on. Though once things stated exploding I'm surprised Starscream didn't ask where Chromia was.

Also, Prime calling out Slug was brilliant and it was really nice to see the Dinobots being treated as the scary borderline psychopaths they actually are rather than "Cool". It's a shame it wasn't him what done it rather than him just being an attempt at a red herring that doesn't really work as there's still a good chunk of the book left when Prime accuses him.

Which brings us to the murder plot, which is the weakest part of it, in that I pegged Sandstorm the moment the bullets coming from a battle he was at got a mention. His motivation is well handled, but it's easily guessable. Especially as he and Barricade are the only substantial "Guest" characters to get enough of a substantial role so it has to be one of them (though having an Autobot do it might be more "Edgy", the idea of a Decepticon policeman committing these crimes out of guilt over his peoples crimes would probably have been more interesting as well).

Still, overall very nicely done.

And not really a fair niggle as I wouldn't be surprised if a heavy role for Prime was a requirement from Madfire, but we finally get a dedicated IDW murder mystery and bloody Nightbeat isn't anywhere is sight!
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