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We don't all consume Poirot like you do Dalek so suspects in these kinds of stories aren't quite so obvious.

I didn't really give much thought to whodunnit as I read it. I never do because, hey, they're going to tell me in a few minutes. I am the worst audience.

Hadn't twigged to the lack of Nightbeat - I guess he's not really a P.I. any more, just a weird guy. It does sort of fit this ex-cop Prime that he'd do this sort of thing in his spare time / retirement.

Agree on the good show for Starscream / Windblade and Windblade in general. It's the kind of thing McCarthy was desperately trying to do - give the Autobots a conscience - but he came at it from a nostalgia angle rather than a storytelling one. Windblade works for me because she's this naive onlooker but she's also compromised now, already, but her pal Chromia. It's a good set-up and I hope we see more stuff like this that uses it as a backdrop before the next big status quo change.

Also, Prime calling out Slug was brilliant and it was really nice to see the Dinobots being treated as the scary borderline psychopaths they actually are rather than "Cool".
Absolutely. I keep thinking of Maximum Dinobots, which seemed resolute about having nothing going on upstairs, and those flashbacks to the Dinobots being all commando, doling out the executions. Even Swoops characteristic diplomacy took on a sinister edge here - he's got a guilty conscience a mile wide but is too much of a coward to do anything but pay lip service to another way. Really great handling of the characters. Prime is right to despise them and was probably really glad when they disappeared along with his old friend Shockwave.

Barricade is being set up as an interesting character, isn't he? Didn't really notice that. I wonder how much of all of this will get picked up on by Scott in the next Windblade series.

Barber seems to have picked up Roberts (and TMUK's) habit of categorically mentioning the colour of the robots in dialogue. I find that interesting and encouraging. Because I spend a lot of time thinking about this sort of thing, it would make all of my Christmases come true if we had a six issue miniseries about Transformer optics, sensory transduction and the cultural role of colour to their society.

Maybe I should pitch it along with my 12-part motion comic where Tentakil swims around the Pacific Ocean pointing out interesting things about sea floor ecology.

I'd read it!
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