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When I got Kre-O Beast Hunters Optimus Prime last year, I was pleased to find that he came with extra hands, and that all the hands were different. There was a right gripping hand, right open palm, left fist, and left pointing hand. I'd've been satisfied with one pair of hands. I put the others to good use in Lockdown.

This Christmas, I got Kre-O Beast Hunters Bumblebee. Not only did he also come with extra hands, but they were all different from Optimus' hands: right thumbs up, right fist, left gripping hand, and left open palm.

If you put Optimus and Bumblebee's hands together, there are three matched pairs: fists, palms, and gripping. The leftovers are the thumbs up and pointing hand. I gave Optimus and Bumblebee each a fist and a gripping hand, and gave Lockdown the open palms. It took a while to figure out who would have the thumbs up and pointing hands, but eventually I came up with this:

The Buddy Primus

The face came out even blockier than I expected, but I'm really pleased with the rest, especially the arms. Using feet for elbows, I was able to make arms that match (except for the hands) that could be put in the different positions to mirror the Buddy Christ pose.

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