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I think there's an error---the book acknowledges MTMTE 9 and Ongoing...20 on the inside cover, but 20 is the space opera which has absolutely NOTHING to do with this, but the scenes from 21 [Megatron backstory] are on the exact same time as this one.

I have a theory...Rung is "forgotten" in the past when these guys make their final jump.

The next page [coupled with the front cover] probably covers the bar fight from 21, with Rung breaking cover---ie the Rung tossed on the window at Impactor/Megatron is our Rung. Then the opening of Shadowplay issue 1, with a "past" Rung assembling a Lost Light spaceship model is our Rung, possibly left back, trying to reminisce his memories, and ends up being stuck on a loop.

Remain in Light opening also makes sense, when Rung recognized the opening portal as something similar---he is actually re-living his story in a loop.

Somehow, information creep gets to him and he forgets what he is himself, and maybe an attention deflector or something is attached on him, which explains why half the bots forget who he is [even his patient, Red Alert] most of the times.

The earliest chronological appearance of Rung [pre Ongoing 21, ie our next page] is the Messatine mines on issue 34, where he interferes on Froid's and Trepan's stuff. What if he's very aware of what was going to happen to Megatron, and he used Shockwave's new laws as a front?

Crazy theory, but even Red Alert's backstory with Rung places him after Shadowplay.

It all fits, I tell you. It all fits.

You heard it here first. And if somebody comes out in the next 4 minutes and says that he had an earlier [chronological] appearance that ruins my theory, oh well.

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