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He also has a blue spark rather than the point 1 percenter green one he should have. Brainstorm on the other hand, has a green spark somewhere stashed around his person...

A fantastic issue. I'm a sucker for when an ongoing series does a Back to the Future 2 style "Mucking about in old stories" style time travel adventure and this pulled it off perfectly. I love the idea that Rung hadn't actually yet been as important as Rewind and the series thinks he is, him being everywhere that matters in the past is just down to his wacky time travel highjinks.

And Knightdramon was so nearly right in his theory! Excellent weaving in and out of the old art as well, especially as- whilst Rung in Shadowplay might have always been intended to be a future version- there wouldn't have been any thought of this when Chaos Theory was done (with the comic divided up into seasons, Chaoes Theory really is, using similar TV terms, a back door pilot).

I think those in the "Brainstorm isn't a Decepticon" camp are pretty much vindicated here. He may be up to no good, but whatever his plan his actions are just far to benign for a DJD mole. He could have killed past Rung. He could have blown up Maccadam's. Effectively his main plot this issue is to stop Megatron becoming Megatron- not kill him- by preventing a bar room brawl.

On the other hand, I'm now more convinced that ever the theory I suggested a few months ago about Rewind is true and it was him that betrayed everyone on the ALL. I think the DJD have Dominus Ambus and have been putting Vesper Lynd style coercion upon him to make him pass on information, probably for some time. The slaughter of his old crew wasn't what he had wanted, hence him being so keen to rescue Dominus in the past and prevent everything.
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