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Yes, dug this. Took me another read to quite twig what was going on with Past Rung and Brainstorm and infer what was going on with the Dominus Ambus talk. Is the 'Functionist' timeline the one where Rewind meddled? We're getting all these teases to the start of the war - Terminus' instructions, Megatron getting arrested, Whirl's involvement - what if Dominus Ambus was the ultimate cause of the war and Megatron's ascension?

On Future Rung - it does make especial sense that Brainstorm would spot him because he would have known about his teetotal habits. Speaking of those, we now know why teetotal Rung was in Maccadam's in the first place.

Sweet catch on the blue spark detail. We also get to see what Whirl's crazy gun does and it seems to detonate sparks quite handily.

I'm a sucker for when an ongoing series does a Back to the Future 2 style "Mucking about in old stories" style time travel adventure and this pulled it off perfectly.
The bit where Megatron cowers under the bar is so Marty Junior.

But hey, here's something I didn't like - the pages from older issues. Seemed a lot clumsier than I'd give this series credit for. A big long chat about Proteus' Promise had nothing to do with this story. The Impactor pages were more seamless but, wow, Roberts has really improved at dialogue since Chaos Theory, hasn't he? 'Five quarts of energon in the wind' makes me wince.

The bar brawl that follows is pretty awesome though. On improvement - how great is Milne at crowded, chaotic scenes now?

Not sure I quite follow the Whirl backstory. The Functionists sent the Heavies to break his stuff and then, later, had the Senate take his face? Why is that a big revelation?

Oh yeah! Amidst it all - Cyclonus' apology. The shoe finally dropped. I've been tense about that for years. And is Tailgate inside Cyclonus while he's protesting against Brainstorm's execution? Love how willing Rodimus is to kill him, by the way. He doesn't have a high opinion of traitors.

Anyone think all this was just a way for Brainstorm to impress Perceptor? That would be a more powerful motivator for him than caring whether the war happened or not.
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