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Well, of course if he had those particular angles then we wouldn't be in this situation... Though if he'd asked Rung he would have just gone the way it went when Megatron asked him.

I've been thinking of Rewind's database. It does present a storytelling problem for exactly reasons like you mention and I reckon its corruption won't just be so that Brainstorm can be hooked up to it like they did to dissuade Tailgate. Its loss may be permanent so that the upcoming Dominus arc won't have to answer questions like, 'Why doesn't Rewind just look this/that/the other up.'

Also, I imagine Megatron would get a real kick out of an encyclopedic knowledge of what would have happened had he not killed everyone. Rewind might end up writing Megatron's next book rather that Optimus' biography. Seeing as how we're all about writing this season it would suit for Megatron to take up the pen again.

Hey, here's something else I liked - even though the laws of the day in no way apply to the Lost Light crew, and that he's done far worse things in his time, Chromedome still has the fear of getting a fine for being in a class-inappropriate place. That is the most Catholic thing in the world.
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