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Oh yes, good reasoning. It's easy to imagine that Impactor would have some complicated emotions about Megatron and might not have been interested in that line of inquiry.

Hmm... I just realised that when Roberts does go down that 'Impactor's back' road that the presence of Megatron would make it a very different story from whatever fragments he and Roche had at the end of Wreckers. Personally, I hate 'big returns' and think Impactor should stay away and play among the stars with Pharma, Tyrest, Overlord, et al.

That would be nice, wouldn't it? If they were all just having a fantastic time playing stickball or something. Not a care in the world.

Apart from Impactor, when would anyone bring up that day in Macaddams to Rung? Everybody else in the room likely perished in the war. Nightbeat might ask impertinent questions, since something about that guy with his model ship has been nagging at him for ages.
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