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Got a moment to add a few more thoughts.

Yeah, this storyline is just plain fun. Has all the adventure, and world-building, and... fun I've come to expect from the title.

Nice touch with the reprinted pages from Chaos Theory. As well as with the new, previously off-panel bits that had been added. Felt like genuine improvements. If Elegant Chaos is intended to be the conclusion to Roberts' ongoing flashback-trilogy-thingy, it felt appropriate we come back to where it all started, you know. Brings us full circle.

Serves as a nice refresher for those who missed Chaos Theory, too.

Do agree with Terome's quibble with the Shadowplay pages, though. Not nearly as seamless, their inclusion.

While nothing major, that was some nice character development for Cyclonus. He's just a big ol' sentimentalist. And his late apology to Tailgate had me grinning like a fool. Certainly not the star of the show, but Cykes still had some standout moments for me.

Chromedome and ALL Rewind's relationship gets more and more uncomfortable (for me) as the story goes along. And OLL Rewind never seemed this preoccupied with finding Dominus Ambus. At least from what we were able to tell.

Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
I'm now more convinced that ever the theory I suggested a few months ago about Rewind is true and it was him that betrayed everyone on the ALL....
I'm convinced too. Still seems suspect to me that Magnus's memories have not melded with the Functionalist reality like Rewind's data has.

Originally Posted by Terome View Post
On improvement - how great is Milne at crowded, chaotic scenes now?
I know, right? He's come a long way since Megatron Origin (seriously, check out M:O; it's a good point of reference). Has a much keener understanding of space and what have you.

Though to give credit, Lafuente's coloring does compliment Milne's pencils. Quite liking her work, actually. Very vibrant with good attention to detail... and this is Milne we're talking about, so there's a lot of freakin' detail.

At this point, I'm going to assume she's replaced Burcham, yes?

Not sure I quite follow the Whirl backstory. The Functionists sent the Heavies to break his stuff and then, later, had the Senate take his face? Why is that a big revelation?
Glad I wasn't the only. Got a big fat "Well, duh" from me.
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