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Originally Posted by zigzagger View Post
Chromedome and ALL Rewind's relationship gets more and more uncomfortable (for me) as the story goes along. And OLL Rewind never seemed this preoccupied with finding Dominus Ambus. At least from what we were able to tell.
I'm trying to think, did we ever hear OLL Rewind mention Dominus directly in the present, or have we only ever heard about him from Chromedome up till now?

Something is definitely going on there.

At this point, I'm going to assume she's replaced Burcham, yes?
Yeah, it's a permanent gig. I didn't attend it, but based on what I was told by someone who did, it seems Milne gave the impression during his art class at the last AA that he and Burcham had a fractious working relationship. That's not to suggest any behind the scenes issues as such-based on the same talk Milne and Roberts go at it tooth and claw over the smallest details as well because both care a lot- but Burcham may have fancied something a bit more relaxing as a result.
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