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Court intrigue!

I do miss Burcham - his muted palette and paper textures were a welcome addition to post-Dreamwave Transformers. Joanna's colours have grown on me but they aren't arty enough for my dumb tastes.

So I think with the Senate / Functionist thing, there's a deliberate effort being made to make it seem as though they act separately when, in actuality, the Senate or factions of it were under the control of the Functionists, even when their power was publicly ebbing.

And I am guessing that Whirl will be put in a position where he will have to spare Megatron or spare the Functionists and he'll be all, no way!

I'm convinced too. Still seems suspect to me that Magnus's memories have not melded with the Functionalist reality like Rewind's data has.
But isn't that exactly what we see when we get to 'subject not recognised?'

I'm trying to think, did we ever hear OLL Rewind mention Dominus directly in the present, or have we only ever heard about him from Chromedome up till now?

Something is definitely going on there.
Hmm... who narrated that chunk of biography we had on DA? Where we saw him 'exchanging fuel' with Rewind and such?
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