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So regarding rewind - are we thinking that at some point since coming on board OLL Domey wiped OLL Rewind but this didnt happen (for whatever reason) between ALL Domey & Rewind? There is that off-hand remark in issue 12 about rewind being allergic to ultra violet light and of course thats how you spot whether someone has had been messed with. Wonder what the reasons were - is it possible that...

Ok, on OLL, the snuff discs are found and rodimus gives out to rewind. Realising that Rewind is still obsessed with Dominus, Chrome dome does his needle trick. In the aftermath of OLL Rewinds death, he feels guilt with this which explains some of his comments to rewind in issue 37.

However back on board the ALL this never happens (Rodimus being dead and all) so Chromedome never learns of the discs. Its possible he never even learns of Dominus (again, going by the conversation in issue 37) Rewind discovers that dominus is on the discs in some form and that its linked to the DJD which in turn leads to Rewind contacting the DJD leading to the massacre. His hope is to use the time machine to go back before the DJD did what they did.

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