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Finished "A Feast for Crows" and was deeply disappointed! Not just with the items from my previous post (which I'm sure everyone remembers and has been pondering for the last few weeks), but NOTHING HAPPENS!! It's an entire book of development with no major events. Even the final "climax" is more development for what might happen than anything actually happening. It was honestly enough to make me consider skipping "A Dance with Dragons" and just reading a synopsis. HOWEVER...

I'm totally glad that I didn't, because Dance with Dragons actually goes back and covers the story lines that were missing from Crows. Maybe Mr. Martin got word that his fans actually enjoy stories about the characters they like instead of imaginary histories of lines of royal descendency.

So I've enjoyed the first 4 hours of Dance with Dragons far more than the entirety of Feast for Crows, and I'm hoping that it keeps up the good pace.
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