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I wondered that - he's carrying around that 1%er spark.

...I was about to say there's 'more than meets the eye' without any trace of irony, but stopped myself. Phew. Think I got away with that one...

Elsewhere, I really liked the bar scene with Tailgate going about how he's potential Wreckers material and then asking where his curly straw is. Adorable. Loved the gags about his face too.

And look what I handsome chap Whirl was before the Senate/ Functionists got ahold of him.

...just on the colours, I really like Joanna's brighter and bolder hues. They really help sell the splendor of pre-war Cybertron in a way I don't think Burcham's more washed out muted tones would have done. Does mean the reprinted Chaos Theory pages stick out though and are quite obviously a reprint.
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