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Yeah I guess, but Cyclonus is also a person of honour like a Samurai. I don't see him randomly beating anyone else up, or punching the wall because of his traumatic time past dealings with a bunch of murderers. I consider him far more level headed than Rodimus, Trailcutter and the others. It seems such a weird, unstructured thing. And if he's honourable and got some anger issues, it would behoove him go and have a chat with Rung rather than occasionally give Tailgate a swift kick in the balls every time his thoughts get dark.

I guess that's my point; I'd expect someone like him to find a solution rather than simply hurt his friend and apologise, that would be in character. Whirl I could easily see beating someone up and semi-apologising, for instance... but Cyclonus? It breaks him a bit for me.

We can drop this if you like, there's something I'm not getting. Maybe its because I've been able to understand everyone's actions up to this point... Whirl, in his own batty way, makes sense.
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