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I totally didn't get that!

Otherwise (and entirely apart from this oddity), I found the first read through quite hard going, and the second almost sublime. I put a lot of it to the fact that, for the first time the art has felt properly clogged up.

People have been saying how great LaFuente's colouring is, but it got far too confusing this issue. The panels with Whirl going mental on The Heavies was just a mess. Trying to make out the detail was hard work, and the whole thing was too dark for its own good. I miss Burcham's colours. I felt he complemented Milne's complex drawings perfectly. It didn't matter how detailed a panel because, I could always make out every bit just fine.

I wonder if the problem with this issue was that someone had dialled down the contrast too much on some pages?

And poor old Springarm. I always imagined he & Wheelarch were done with a sword, but to have his head torn off, in panel. I know its been done before with Cyclonus back in the original Marvel UK run, but what persists with me is the scene from Megatron: Origin where Megs does the same to Bumper. That felt proper grisly and we only heard it happen. This has some of that feel. Ugh!
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