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I loved the whistlestop tour through different formative points in Megatron's personal timeline. It does seem to look like everything is coming together in the form of a predestination paradox in which Brainstorm's pilfered green spark winds up inside Megatron's (seemingly constructed cold) body, though. Hopefully if that's where it's going Roberts will throw in another twist or two along the way.

Count me among those who didn't "get" Whirl's shock that the Functionists were behind both his shop being shut down and his later Empurata. I guess it's just because Roberts hasn't done much to actually show us what the Functionists and Senate have authority over. Both just sort of blend together into a vague evil government, so for it to turn out that a different organ of that government was responsible for something doesn't seem like that big of a shock to me. Does it really matter which functionary signed the orders to ruin your life?

Whirl and co. talking about it openly in front of the two Heavies is almost certainly the "tip off" that led them to take down Shockwave about a year later at the end of Shadowplay, though.

Overall, enjoyed this quite a bit and I'm looking forward to the conclusion.

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So regarding rewind - are we thinking that at some point since coming on board OLL Domey wiped OLL Rewind but this didnt happen (for whatever reason) between ALL Domey & Rewind? There is that off-hand remark in issue 12 about rewind being allergic to ultra violet light and of course thats how you spot whether someone has had been messed with. Wonder what the reasons were - is it possible that...
I suspect something similar, though I wonder if the reasons are staring us right in the face. What if they've already found Dominus and know exactly what happened to him, but it's something so horrible that Rewind needed to forget it? If he was killed horribly/became Tarn/tried to kill Rewind/any of a million other awful things, I could see Rewind deciding that not knowing was better.

I could also see Chromedome deciding that for him.

That would make Chromedome's question sound less like a jealous lover and more like "did the other me ever tell you what I did?"
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