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Originally Posted by Auntie Slag View Post
I don’t think Brainstorm could care less about saving billions or ‘quintillions’ of lives. A mad scientist like him prospers best in wartime, being given licence to create all manner of nasty and strange devices. There’s a phrase about war often creating the best situation for innovation and advancement, so if anything, the war coming to an end is the end of a purposeful life for him.

Some of his actions suggest he cares about no-one, apart from a little sentimentality towards Chromedome losing another Conjunx Endura, and the desire to be recognised above Perceptor… and these two are alive and well. There’s been no backstory yet to display he’s lost anyone or anything important through the war.

Interestingly the gun he’s about to shoot Megatron with has a bit of resemblance to a Walther P-38. I’d bet the cover price of a TF UK comic from 1987 that its not a gun necessarily used for killing. Maybe he’s going back to enhance Megatron in some way?
Well, whether he's an Autobot or a Decepticon he's spent several million years on at least one side fighting to end the war, so he's got some investment there, especially if he's a Con (or something else we haven't thought of) as being a dedicated double agent is above and beyond the call of simple science.

I'm going to guess that whatever he's pointing at Megatron isn't an actual gun as such.
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