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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
That would make Chromedome's question sound less like a jealous lover and more like "did the other me ever tell you what I did?"
Ooh, that is chilling! I could well imagine that's exactly what Chromedome did. Tearing apart Rewind's previous Conjunx Endura and then filling the void left by him. What could possibly destroy Rewind more?

On another note, I was wondering if one of the two police guys seen exiting Roller to deal with the commotion at Maccadams is Valve? Valve being the brother of Springarm and Wheelarch, Valve also being the first leader of The Wreckers (if I remember that correctly), and the one The Wreckers don't talk about. It might make a nice symmetry of sorts; knowing another Wrecker leader is actually in the bar and has caused a great deal of the ruckus.

I was almost totally underwhelmed by Whirl's real face. I'm so glad he is who he is now, although he's probably about to be (again) the reason for the war. I also wondered whether the robot he kills in this issue could somehow become Killmaster, again because on so many other TF sites its becoming a trope that an unnamed Roberts character is likely to turn into someone significant. But I also like it because Whirl would be his killer twice, and his creator once.

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