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I also wondered whether the robot he kills in this issue could somehow become Killmaster, again because on so many other TF sites its becoming a trope that an unnamed Roberts character is likely to turn into someone significant. But I also like it because Whirl would be his killer twice, and his creator once.
I'm certain that bot is the current Kaon. The experimental weapon mutates his spark [shot at the same spot Kaon has got that void thing], fries his eyes [Kaon has no visible eyes], he has similar colours and build, appears on a thunderstorm...visual clues all over.

I'm starting to think that maybe Roberts is seeding clues all over [first Roller, now him] about the DJD and how the LL inadvertently created them all in that time period. Maybe we've seen the other 3 but don't know it, maybe we'll see them [even passing by] in the next issue?

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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