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"Less interesting than Roller is Tarn?" ch ch ch ch

I like the idea that the DJD are a bunch of nobodies and misfits cobbled together under a former Autobot macho.

And to be fair, we do know Roller a bit more than Tarn. For all their awesomeness and popularity, the DJD were basically sidelined in their own two parter earlier on, and their other appearances are only happening now, 2 years later.

The more actual proper books I read [as in, they only have one picture on the cover, the rest is all text and no merchandise on the side to sell ] the more I find that James Roberts is unlike other comic book writers---he's more of a book writer.

His storytelling is similar at points to Philip K Dick and J RR Martin---sure you've got your A names running around doing the big events, but the main story is told through C and D tiers living through these events or their repercussions, as well as gradual world building---you get one part of a story here by character X, then you get a further or opposing part of that story by character Y a couple of issues down the road.

That is why I believe the Roller = Tarn idea works and has been going on, at least in JR's head, since early on. And seeds have been planted all throughout the series.

First off, similarities in form--namely the head. This was apparent mid-Shadowplay where we got our first proper view of Roller.

Then, an extra connection. I've said it before and will say it again, Skids is connected to the DJD in some way, having the same piece of music stuck in his head that Tarn plays.

Then the various name drops of Roller among heavy tiers and special bots---why name drop him all of a sudden next to Grimlock if he was gone so long ago?

Then a small parallel during Remain in Light---Tarn more or less paraphrasing Optimus in his concern for Kaon.

The recent issue with Roller up and center also showcase more things, even if minor---he squishes the head of a redshirt the same way as Tarn did Swerve [visual parallel], transforms into the middle of a battle for no real reason other to be a bully and transform, we get the hint that the booster he uses could cause spark failure [alluring to a sense of theatrinism for his singing---what if he actually injects the bots while pretending to lower his voice?], his own low self esteem for not being anything more than a bruiser [hence the theater of special skill of voice---and he does say to Black Shadow "they say this, they say that"], his introduction to Megatron's work, his facial disfigurement and accidental abandonment...

I mean, come on, this was planned for quite some time. Just because some folk put 1+1 together by visual similarities quite some time ago does not mean it loses much impact?

As for Kaon, I'm up for that theory---a random nobody given powers accidentally, with side effects. Do note that Kaon is constructed cold BUT has special powers--electricity harvesting etc. That should, theoretically, not be possible, as all outliers are point one percenters.

Let's see if we get the other 3 thrown to us on next issue, or if hints are already dropped for them and we missed them [might be more to Terminus than more than meets the eye? some random dudes we did not notice, or will be featured next time?]


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