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I will punch a midget if that happens. The only thing less interesting than "Roller is Tarn" is "This guy you know even less well than Roller is the member of the DJD you give a toss about even less than Tarn".

I just can't believe Roberts is so desperate for ideas now he's just going to redo the "Senator is Shockwave!" thing five times over.
Yeah, I'd agree with that. If he goes back to the "Character X was secretly Character Y all along!" well that many times (with progressively less-interesting characters), it would be a real disappointment for me.

Besides, the "Roller is Tarn!" thing never felt right to me anyway. I can understand Optimus naming his auxiliary component after an old friend who'd died, but not after someone who'd become one of the Decepticons' most loathsome war criminals. That would be like Winston Churchill unironically naming pets after Goebbels or Himmler.

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For all their awesomeness
[Citation needed]

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