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Its an interesting idea that this little jaunt could be the creation of the DJD. Suppose that the real reason for Brainstorm going back in time was to stop the creation of the DJD because he saw how potentially lethal they could be if they encountered the lost light. Maybe his theory is that he goes back and tries to stop megatron from forming the decepticons by way of never releasing his dogma (so even if he musters an army, its not backed by the material that fuels the DJD). However he unwittingly is the cause for it, leading Rodimus and his band into all the key points where the DJD troops are mustered. Its a little bit of a stretch but I can buy it. Possible that Brainstorm was only a con for a while. After all, some of us have put forward the idea that it was Rewind who summoned the DJD to the ALL.

Personal hope - I'd like the DJD and Tarn to never reveal themselves BUT for all the clues to be there. Unlike Shockwave we never find out for certain but there are enough signposts to 95% confirm it. The clues are there for those who look but in-story the characters never reveal themselves (explaining why Prime et all never know)
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