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Default Wrath Of The Ages #5 - act 3

Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents act 3 of Wrath Of The Ages #5.

At the bottom of the Mining Shaft, the tide begins to turn: as Megatron batters the horribly mutated Grimlock, Blaster's plan comes to fruition. From defeat, comes freedom for the enslaved Autobots! But will even Ultra Magnus and Springer be enough against the endless army of Aerial Extermination Troopers?
On Quintessa, Flash escapes the Quintessons, dodging the Sharkticons as well--and sees a sudden glimmer of hope, as he realizes that there IS a way to return to Cybertron.
On the Manganese Mountains, Ratbat attempts to exterminate the remaining Wreckers, but someone makes an unexpected return!

Art by Daniele "danbrenus" Spezzani, Al, Hedge, Esther Pimentel.

Bonus: character study by Masarujasu for the in-the-making Act 4 of the SoD: Starscream chapter.

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