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Read issue 4 in the trade, but unfortunately I don't think reading it all in one go really benefits the book, it just shows up how many ideas are being introduced for just a page only to then be completely forgotten about almost instantly. Which would be fine for a limited series that has to ram everything in, but as supposedly an ongoing it can spare the time to actually properly explore the concepts being introduced. The Insecticons as bounty hunters? Neat idea! Oh wait, there it goes. And so on.

Also, the "Gobots" joke was really wearing a bit thin by the fourth issue. If I had a pound for every time a Joe randomly made it I'd have... Three pounds I think. Which is still more than it should be for the page count.

Reading the RID trade about the same time made me realise Barber basically recycled the "Peace/surrender" gag from Galvatron's conversation with Alpha Trion as well.
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