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Tetsuro - Someone's doing something like what you said out of LEGO/Kre-O here. The cab turns into a gorilla, and the cab and trailer combine powermaster-G1 style to form a robot. I prefer that to a figure that just turns from an ape to a humanoid. Those forms are similar enough that going from one to the other seems like a waste of transformation technology:
Humanoid mode: "The enemy is attacking! Transform and attack!"
*G1 transformation sound*
Ape mode: "My thumbs are no longer opposable! FEAR ME!"

I bought Bionocle "Protector of Earth" because it seemed like the cheapest way to get the ball joints I needed for Junkion hips. All I need now is a clear 2x1 tile for Junkheap's head and 3 wheels like Junkheap's rear. The purple one is too big to turn, and just there for looks.

"Protector of Earth" has a cannon with 6 barrels in his torso. It made me think of Treadshot, so I built one. The ammo is different colors to try to match the orginal toy. It does fire all 6. The firing mechanism (yellow circle) is what rotates, not the barrel, so the colors don't move.

This shows the knob you turn to fire.

I rebuilt the LEGO monorail to go with Transformer Kreons. Here's Bumblebee driving it when Soundwave attempts a hijacking.

5 pieces separate from the monorail carts...

...and recombine into Omega Supreme.

Soundwave is foiled.


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