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Yeh - Skids' original toy is actually quite well proportioned (as are the Datsun and the Lambo) and I can kind-of 'see' the Masterpiece, it's just a matter of articulating, smoothing and detailing, especially as the animation model kept most of the stuff hanging off the back of him. Some of the weirder ones I'm more curious on, especially the ones who were radically changed for the cartoon - though with high optimism after Wheeljack turned out so well.

Tracks could be a smart commercial move, mind - the sort of figure people might skip if they put him out towards the end, more likely to shift while the hype and anticipation is high. Plus there are at least two good repaint options (red and black).

A new Megatron would be nice but I can see why Takara are a little reluctant; the character just doesn't have the commercial draw Prime does, if they keep the gun (which they surely will for MP) the engineering's a nightmare and the repaint possibilites are limited.

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