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Well to be honest, what repaints have we gotten out of MP-10 so far? They skipped the obvious Ultra Magnus repaint, the YotD repaint was by Hasbro, and the only other one I can think off the top of my head is the weird Evangelion exclusive.

I would imagine the best repaint oppoturnity for Megatron would be the black Microman version.
You're skipping a few.

Hasbro MP10
Takara MP10 Black
Takara MP10A [that green bape repaint]
Hasbro YOTH
Takara Evangelion

That's plenty of uses out of an already expensive mould. Furthermore, MP10 is being reissued plenty of times throughout, whether it's hasbro or takara or hasbro asia.

I don't think Megatron is that marketable, as it will effectively cut out his Hasbro counterpart.
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