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It hasn't held them back before, hasn't prevented a current re-release, and isn't holding back third parties that do relatively small runs. Think it'll happen, but not any time soon.
Oh there's no denying it will. Thankfully TT appear to not really care how feasible most of their products for the MP line are to the US/rest of the world market and keep on making these sweet things.

It'll be epic and funny if TT releases MP Megatron V2 just in time with their V3 of Prime or whatever

Lots and I mean LOTS of butthurt for Tracks so far, can't deny I'm a bit saddened by the overall lukewarm response. You'd think after MP Magnus, Exhaust and Star Saber in a row, people would get the hint that TT is not going to focus solely on S1...right?

What intrigues me about Tracks [in the ONE relatively bad quality pic, yes] is that he's a tad more...stylized than the super retro Prowl and Sideswipe. Wheeljack has some liberties taken, yes, and Bumblebee is a bit on his own league, but Tracks looks even more anime-proportioned than the other bots so far.
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