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Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Keep in mind also that they didn't have any problems licensing the Corvette for Binaltech Tracks, ROTF Sideswipe, or AOE Crosshairs. Given that, Tracks was probably the most likely of the cars to have official blessing.
Yeah, eventually I realized that and then it made sense. The existing working relationship probably pushed him up to the front of the list.

Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Megatron frankly doesn't, or we'd have seen miscellaneous variants or at least a reissue of the first one at some point between its' first release and the line being revamped. Reckon he'll come out around the time of figures that have "retail" repaint potential (Ratchet/Ironhide, Inferno/Grapple, Trailbreaker/Hoist) so the budget's nice and in the black.
The demand for MP Megatron definitely isn't up at the same level as Prime, but I think a good part of that is because, frankly, it's just not very good. The desire for a new-mold Megatron isn't just because of scale issues, but also due to the fact that almost nobody is actually satisfied with the original's look or engineering. It's hard to judge the demand for a new, actually good Megatron toy based on that.

But I think the same problem will hold them back from making a new Megatron, because how do you get a good facsimile of Megatron's character model out of a gun without seriously compromising one or the other?

Originally Posted by Tetsuro View Post
Can't really fathom it. I mean, the 1985 characters can't be that unpopular, plus I'd imagine Jazz is still at least partially sitting in licensing hell. Who else does that leave us with, Sunstreaker? Hoist? Ratchet? Ironhide? Come to think of it, I take that back. But still, he's a pre-movie character, surely that has to count for something, right?

The people who are mad probably think the only characters who are "real G1" are the ones who showed up in the first episode of the cartoon. Or the entire first season if they're feeling generous.
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