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I don't know why you would necessarily count out Grapple, Hoist, Inferno or Skids. I mean, Takara isn't about to stop making the line while it's still profitable, and even the forgotten Autobot Cars are going to be bigger sellers than pretty much anyone else they could put out in the MP cars' size bracket.

I do think Kup, Blurr, a standalone Hot Rod and maybe Wreck-Gar would be considerations, but after that?
My reasoning [which has been backed up by a number of designer interviews] is that with the exception of Bumblebee, all the cars so far are riding on their brand awareness and popularity in regards to their car maker more than their actual strength as characters.

Hasui [the lead designer, MP10 to MP21] had said that Sideswipe, Prowl and Wheeljack were given the greenlight because their cars are [and I quote] "supercars", and that he was kind of worried about Wheeljack because he was neither an A-lister nor exactly your flavour of heroic autobot. Tracks certainly follows that notion, with his 80ies muscle car form.

Sadly, neither Inferno nor Grapple fit in that category, plus, to keep in scale with the rest, they'd have to be in a bigger pricepoint category than Sideswipe. Which sadly, are points against them as even between them they'd have to be remoulded and retooled enough.

Skids is not a supercar either, but he can fit in the smaller pricepoint of the other cars and has one repaint ready and out of the gate with the only real difference being the headsculpt.

Trailbreaker is going to be the real dealbreaker though. I figure that the rumoured Ironhide is going to be a testbed for this, not so much for engineering, but for testing the waters for a totally not sexy and sleek car that will have to go for a higher pricepoint than the cars. If Ironhide [and by extension, Ratchet] sell well enough then I believe we might see Trailbreaker, and then, as a chain, we *might* see Inferno.

Pure speculation on my part based on interviews and general release attitude so far. TT seems to be pushing the obligatory repaint with every new car mould hard enough [Exhaust, G2 Bumble, the rumoured Road Rage Tracks repaint], so in that sense, I see the line going a bit more Binaltech on us than expected.
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