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Not sure why scale would hinder Inferno/Grapple... Takara seem to be aiming for robot mode scale more than alt mode scale, I'm not sure any of the MP cars so far have been quite to scale - like the G1 originals they're just close enough to not look really weird on a shelf. Heck, Soundwave wasn't to scale. Inferno & Grapple would only need to be a head - if that - taller than the rest. Their big trouble will be whether to go for realistic alt modes or just have a big pair of robot arms on the back a la the originals.

Alt mode desirability might see the likes of Tracks shoved up the order to get some money in but I seriously doubt a character like Ironhide is going to be skipped over just because he turns into an eggbox on wheels. It actually wouldn't surprise me if Tracks has been bumped up to take advantage of the presumably still extant deal with GM, which would obviously save money over working out a fresh deal with - say - Toyota for Trailbreaker so soon after they've sprung to pay Fiat/Lancia for Wheeljack.
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