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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
I don't know why you would necessarily count out Grapple, Hoist, Inferno or Skids. I mean, Takara isn't about to stop making the line while it's still profitable, and even the forgotten Autobot Cars are going to be bigger sellers than pretty much anyone else they could put out in the MP cars' size bracket.

I do think Kup, Blurr, a standalone Hot Rod and maybe Wreck-Gar would be considerations, but after that?
I'd love to see all of the above, and Trailbreaker, but suspect that the larger chaps may be unlikely as they'd be either out of scale in vehicle mode or out of scale in robot mode, while also probably being a new size inbetween the MP cars and MP-10. There may not be the market for them, as they're minor characters, plus their vehicle modes don't have the selling point that cool branded cars do (additional market - model car collectors or fans of particular vehicles may pick up a version that turns into a robot as a novelty at the least?). But who knows?

Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
That's true, but I think size is an issue for some of them. None of the remaining season one characters would fit into the relatively affordable price bracket that the cars occupy. The Dinobots would all be the size of Grimlock and MP-10, as would Shockwave and Skyfire. The Minibots, Insecticons and Reflector would all be smaller, and so far Takara's been pretty leery of small MPs (Bumblebee being the sole exception, since the cassettes are basically accessories). And the Constructicons would be a fairly monumental undertaking, since whether they were sold individually or not you'd have to design all six at once.
Yup, you're probably right - but what about Sunstreaker? I'd really love a Masterpiece Sunstreaker. And they've already put out a Lamborghini Countach...

And I do really want an MP Megatron in the same scale as MP-10... I don't care if he turns into a gun or a tank.
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