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Thank you Clay. Your encouragement has caused me to loose another on the world:

Petition formed to put a stop to reckless imagination

The Transformers fandom was abuzz this week as yet another petition was launched to motivate license-holders to fill in some narrative gaps that mark a long-dormant storyline.

"In the original Transformers cartoon there is a 20 year gap between the end of Season 2 and the beginning of the theatrical movie, set in the year 2005," states the petition. The Sunbow Production series of 'The Transformers' ceased production in 1987. "So far, this gap can only be filled in our imaginations, in whatever form and length our minds can provide. The possibilities are literally endless, so long as they move towards an eventuality where all the characters are present, in their appropriate forms, at their starting marks as seen in the movie. This petition aims to put those much-needed limitations in place."

Such calls to curtail the collective imagination of the audience are not unprecedented in the Transformers community. In 2011, a fan-motivated petition to continue the storylines cut short in the Marvel Comics series of Transformers resulted in a 20-issue run of comics from IDW, the current license holders.

The effort, the Regeneration One comic, was a success - years worth of singular and collaborative efforts by fans to tie up loose ends and continue on the spirit and fun of the original comics, efforts that formed an important nucleus of early online fandom, which forged friendships and led to marriages, which gave an outlet to young, emerging artistic and writing talent, was all swept away in favour of a number of comics printed on glossy paper which had been approved by Hasbro, the company which owns the Transformers intellectual property.

"Regeneration One proved that it can be done," the petition goes on. "All those busy, busy minds speculating and inventing, all those talks at pubs and meet-ups, all those low-fi zines, they can disappear now. By getting the original creators involved who, after twenty years of growth, development and reflection, are no longer functionally the same people, we got the definitive, utterly sanctioned edition of what these characters were up to and what they will go on to do. But there are still people imagining what became of slightly different versions of those characters and that needs to stop right away."

"We have Flint DeLille interested," it warned.

A spokesperson for IDW commented on the fledgling petition, "At IDW, we thrive on transmuting the limitless imagination spawned by inventive properties into finite products printed on glossy paper. If somebody, somewhere, is imagining something about a profitable IP, we will correct them."
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