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Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
My reasoning [which has been backed up by a number of designer interviews] is that with the exception of Bumblebee, all the cars so far are riding on their brand awareness and popularity in regards to their car maker more than their actual strength as characters.
That definitely is the approach with the first few molds (I would even include Bumblebee in that -- the Beetle isn't a "supercar" by any means but it's highly recognizable all the same), and it makes sense to do that. When you're launching a new line and you're not sure if it will work out or not, you give yourself every advantage that you can. Picking and choosing the Autobot cars with the coolest alt-modes you can get licences for is the smart thing to do.

But now the line is a roaring success, and they're not far away from running out of well-known alt-modes to make. Jazz, Sunstreaker and Windcharger are probably the top three left after Tracks, with Mirage and Hound being more recognizable by vehicle type than make and model and absolutely nobody caring about model Oneboxes, Hiluxes, whatever Skids is, etc. Once those sure things are used up, they'll have to choose between calling it quits on new molds or moving on to riskier items. And as long as the line remains profitable, I can't see them ending it without at least giving the weaker alt-modes a solid try.

Now, it's entirely possible that the model car enthusiast is a bigger part of the Japanese customer base than most of us think. If that's the case, then when they make Ironhide or Trailbreaker they'll be flops and that will be the end of that. But if they're a success, they'll absolutely keep going, eventually getting to guys like Brawn and Inferno and Gears with their fudged (or entirely made-up) vehicle modes until it's not worth their while to do so. Whether it actually gets that far or not, who knows? But it's a solid possibility.

Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Inferno & Grapple would only need to be a head - if that - taller than the rest. Their big trouble will be whether to go for realistic alt modes or just have a big pair of robot arms on the back a la the originals.
I'd imagine they'd go for something like the cartoon, where the arms were clearly still there but they made a perfunctory attempt to make them look like a part of the vehicle.

Originally Posted by numbat View Post
Yup, you're probably right - but what about Sunstreaker? I'd really love a Masterpiece Sunstreaker. And they've already put out a Lamborghini Countach...
I was going on the assumption that all the '84 cars are going to see a release no matter what, so I wasn't counting them.

Originally Posted by numbat View Post
And I do really want an MP Megatron in the same scale as MP-10... I don't care if he turns into a gun or a tank.
I would love an MP G2 Megatron personally, but since Japan only got the tiny purple one I don't think the odds of it are very good.
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