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But if they're a success, they'll absolutely keep going, eventually getting to guys like Brawn and Inferno and Gears with their fudged (or entirely made-up) vehicle modes until it's not worth their while to do so.
G1 Brawn:

Pretty sure G1 Brawn was meant to be a Land Rover Defender. They're not made up (they cause too much heartache for that...). Sadly the new models (which will also be the last, as production stops this year) are terrible - my 2013 Defender is on its third engine (the second engine only did 1,650 miles!). For a vehicle you take to really remote locations, reliability is quite important and risk of unexpected and total engine failure is an issue... That's why I am, with a heavy heart, moving away from Defenders (and any Land Rover) for my professional off-roading needs. (The old ones are great though - I've taken Defenders older than Jurassic Park up to the tops of mountains for work (on their original engines).)

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I would love an MP G2 Megatron personally, but since Japan only got the tiny purple one I don't think the odds of it are very good.
I had him as Archforce - he was a neat figure for his time.
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