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Pretty sure the Wakinerds did decree that while Brawn uses elements of the Defender he actually draws bits from several models (cf. Huffer and Gears). So don't say otherwise or either we'll have one of the bastards in here boldfacing and italicing all over the place or you'll get added to the stack of twattery that is their page on common misconceptions people who don't spend all day reading and editing the Transformers Wiki have about Transformers.
Well, Jeep and Mercedes totally ripped off the Land Rover design back when that was totally legal, so I could see Brawn being considered to be based on any one or a mixture of them all I guess. (The great irony is that both Jeep and Land Rover have progressed 'their' design over the years, while Land Rover are stuck in the past with the exception of cutting corners now to save on costs...)

I don't spend enough time looking at Transformers websites to be aware of any official decision or 'twattery'.

This is the only site I tend to visit, because I like you guys.

So happy to be corrected.

I don't think the vehicle modes are meant to be in exact scale, as they don't seem to be. But I think that Takara are trying for them to look ok together, while having the robot modes look right too. I can see that being a problem for some of the Minibots and characters like Inferno.
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