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Originally Posted by numbat View Post
Pretty sure G1 Brawn was meant to be a Land Rover Defender.
He's got elements of one, but he's not a full-on reproduction of one the way the bigger cars were. He's closer to what we get in the Generations line nowadays, a vehicle that looks a lot like a real-world car but isn't an exact copy.

Originally Posted by numbat View Post
I had him as Archforce - he was a neat figure for his time.
It was a very good mold for its day, for sure, but it had no significant media appearances. And the bigger green-and-purple one is associated with a random Beast Wars guy in Japan, so I don't know that there'd be any interest in one of those from Takara.

Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Have I missed something about an announcement about the alt modes being in scale?
Probably all you'd need to do is look at Bumblebee alongside the others to kill any idea of the vehicle modes being in scale. In real life a Beetle is over 90% as long as a Datsun, while the MP is quite a bit smaller than that I think.
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