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Is there much evidence these are selling to car fans substantially rather than primarily TF fans?
Not really, I think it's more a case of "let's make this attractive to as wide a circle of customers as possible". I don't think transformers as a franchise/toyline is as hot in Japan as it is in the US, especially when compared to Gundam which pretty much dominates the market.

That was very apparent on takara's epic fail of Prime AM figures, unpainted, crappy stickers, not assembled minicons for "mix n match" fun.

As far as I know, MP10 was not licensed [and by extension, neither is Magnus]. The only licensed bots are the cars, which are unofficially part of takara's "real car MP series"--quoted like that on various interviews.

I don't think that the BT series was as successful [in hindsight] as takara backed themselves up in a corner and put the stick up their own a$$es. The strict 1:24 scale meant they could never do anything larger than a car [besides the GT10 RAM mould], and the costs were supposedly so prohibitive they had to pretty much repaint everything at least once.

The repaint thing is becoming more and more apparent with the MP cars, but at least the scale issue is taken care of now. For now.
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