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My reading of the Japanese market is they're interested in the first two seasons of G1 and maaaybe the Movie, the live action films and basically nothing else... things like Arms Micron, Kiss Players etc. are just desperate attempts to try and expand the brand to more than Optimus and 'bee.

MP seems like a hands-up "okay, okay, fine" gesture with maybe an eye on claiming a stake of the high-quality robot market; how many SoCs do people buy when not really giving a toss about the associated media? I watched about three episodes each of Voltes V and Daimos, did my head in. Cool robots, though.

But then Takara just do seem to do mad things; things like putting out a whole bunch of Asian-exclusive DOTM figures was something we all thought was impossible until it actually happened.

With regards to MP, I don't think the licensing is prohibitive for most of the cars. We're not even talking much in the way of genuine prestige brands, they don't need licenses from Ferrari or Bentley. Sheikhs don't drive Porsches, guys who've had a good couple of hours on the stocks drive Porsches. Lamborghini's been sold more times than the BT Subaru mould. Ligier's a two-bit concept operation. The rest are common-or-garden Japanese roadcar manufacturers. If it cost too much I doubt they would have started and we certainly wouldn't have had some of the weird shit that came out towards the end of BT.
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