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Thanks Skyquake. I came up with another one while I should have been doing some work:

James Roberts has not Tweeted in several hours

BREAKING - It has been several hours since James Roberts, the Transformers comic-writing dreamboat, has posted anything to his Twitter stream.

"Is he sick?" wrote one fan, typing slowly in between prolonged intervals of twisting her fingers, one by one, through a clenched fist. "It's been raining recently in [Roberts' native] Jersey. Maybe he got caught outside and got a cold."

The writer, who has been working as a freelance scripter for IDW Publishing's Transformers comics since 2009, is known for his urbane, witty and lively engagement with the fans. He often answers questions, teases future developments and makes conversation through his social media feed, which has over 3000 followers.

"I'd have thought that he'd have said something by now," said another fan who phoned our offices to alert us of this development. "Maybe a song that goes with the latest issue or an article about the N-H-S that British people have." He then hung up abruptly and called back, saying that he thought he'd seen something but it was just [IDW artist and regular collaborater with Roberts] Alex Milne instagramming a pasta.

Roberts was unreachable for comment about this lack of comment. Speculation abounds but the consensus of community leaders seems to lean towards the 'nap theory.'

"He was up pretty late last night linking to fanart that he enjoyed and approved of. He usually sleeps for 7.5 hours but we know he was up early when he put up the preview pages so it's entirely possible he's making up the sleep debt with a short siesta." Said the Tumblr posting of a noted Roberts expert.

Nobody answering Roberts' description could be found at local A&E or mortuaries so there is every reason to assume that normal social media activities will resume shortly.

"The important thing is not to panic. He hates it when we worry too much," the Tumblr posting concluded.
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