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Thanks, Knightdramon.

I was going to pass on the Autobot Command Center, but after building my Omega Supreme monorail, I got the idea to rework the drawbridge into a gate for Omega to drive through.

I had to widen it a bit to fit the hinges, but that let the doors open both ways, so Omega can just drive through in either direction. The only downside is the base of the gate is made of two small plates next to each other. In the orignal design, there were several tiles holding them together. I couldn't fit those under the track, so the only thing holding the bottom together is the four sockets on the bottom of the piece of track.

As I recall, html image tags allowed you to specify the image size, so the page could allocate the right amount of space before the image had loaded. Is there any way to do that on the forum?

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