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At this point I don't even know. It's been a part of almost daily life for about a month now, I think? I feel like it's been longer. Still there are worse movies out there, I guess. Have that blue dress ordered off of eBay and a tiara/wand set in the closet for her birthday. She's all set.

Hans is something you didn't really see coming, and I liked that. The first time I watched the movie, though, I thought the entire side story was a little questionable... Trolls started singing about stealing someone's fiancee (after only an evening of knowing each other, which in itself was a "um...", but still) ... "And by the way, I don't see no ring"... my brain went "whaaaaaaaaat..."

The subtle-hint gloves thing annoys me, though. Well, I think people pointing it out annoys me more, actually.

I've tried various things to get her away from it, too. She's far more interested in the Doodlebops than she is Frozen now, but it's still on a daily rotation. And now I need something else to get her away from Doodlebops.

Spring will be here soon, thank goodness.

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