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Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
...I wont ask why you're watching internet porn videos
As a visual and audio aid to onanism of course. What do you use them for, weirdo?

I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones and thought it would have been something I'd have really enjoyed had it been on at 1 in the morning on Channel 5 in 1999, perhaps staring Shannon Tweed. In the days of twitter friendly internet porn sites however it takes a lot more than soft core bouncing boobies to get me going and the attempts to shock (inscet!) made it feel as if the whole thing was being made by a 15 year old rather than an old bearded man (though considering the gestation period it could well be Martin was 15 when he started).

I should probably give it another go as from all the praise it gets things must get better after that, but the only thing I really enjoyed was Sean Bean having bought his own costume from Lord of the Rings.
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