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Originally Posted by Notabot View Post
Which brings up a new topic: What's some music you like that would be just terrible for "Get Pumped!" workout music?
Hahahaha, so much of it. So much of it is utterly terrible for that. Staind. Older Staind. I don't listen to it anymore, but it'd be pretty horrible for that. Probably just as much of stuff I have/had listened to would be well suited, though. I have an unabashed (... well, maybe not completely unabashed) love of old WWE theme songs, any of those is pretty much awesome for that. Some Disturbed would work as well.

Imagine Dragons would be badly suited, first time listening to this album is right now and dood, so far it's as good for me as the last. This is joy, I've been listening solely to audiobooks (and children's songs) for the past few weeks.

[edit] actually, some of this might be pretty good for that. Ah well.

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